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Mystery messages to puzzle over and decipher

By Gerald Jenkins
ISBN 9780906212059
Tarquin Publications
Color thruout
35 Pages
8.25 X 7.75


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Price $ 11.99 

This book is best thought of as a set of enjoyable puzzles for children of ten and eleven upwards. Breaking codes using letter frequency is an interesting activity which can quickly become very absorbing, and even addictive. There are clear principles to be followed but also plenty of opportunities for inspired guesses and sudden good ideas. The setting is of ancient maps, mysterious deaths, lost cities and shipwrecks and in each case a successful deciphering leads to where the treasure is buried. And usually to other surprises as well! If any of the codes proves too difficult to decipher, then help is given. But in not too helpful a way. This is a puzzle book after all!