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Album 149

By Brian Kemp
ISBN 9780852637685
Shire Books*
55 b&w
32 Pages
6 X 8.25


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This book provides a basic introduction to the subject of English church monuments. An enormous number of monuments dating from the twelfth century to the twentieth century can be seen in cathedrals and churches throughout England. In addition to making visits to these places more interesting and rewarding, taken together they make up a valuable part of the country's cultural heritage. Not only are they often important as works of art but they also throw light on many aspects of English history and life. After dealing with matters such as conservation the book considers the historical development of monuments, the changing forms, and attitudes of effigies, the symbolism of death and immortality and the making of monuments. It concludes with a list of English cathedrals, churches and chapels where interesting collections of monuments can be seen, and suggestions for further reading.