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Shire Album 119

By Marilyn Palmer
ISBN 9780852636688
Shire Books*

32 Pages
6 X 8.25


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Price $ 10.50 

The stocking frame was invented in the East midlands in the sixteenth century and knitted garments have been one of the main products of the region ever since. The frame was intended for use in the home and it was not until the nineteenth century that knitting became a factory industry, although some domestic framework knitting continued into the twentieth century. This book emphasises the visual evidence for the industry, much of which is now disappearing. The reasons for the location of the industry in the East Midlands, the working of the frame and the production of stockings are also explained. The whole family was involved in framework knitting, the men working the frame while their wives and children wound bobbins and seamed stockings. They used yarn spun in factories whose owners also marketed the finished products. This book covers both the industrial archaeology and the social history of this important industry.