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By Michael Symes
ISBN 9780747803201
Shire Books*
30 color / 40 b&w
96 Pages
6 X 8.25


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Garden sculpture is an aspect of garden history that has not received a great deal of attention, particularly in Britain, and yet its impact in a garden can be considerable, adding an extra dimension and creating a fascination of its own. In this book the history of sculpture in British gardens is traced from Tudor times to the present day, showing the strong influence of Italy, both classical and Renaissance, and France. Materials and techniques are discussed and the use of different materials at different times according to fashion, commercial requirements or technological advances is indicated, and changes in taste and style are charted. About the author Michael Symes is a garden historian. For many years he has taught garden history to adults in university extra-mural classes and has published a number of books. He is on the Council of the Garden History Society. Other titles for Shire by this author are: A Glossary of Garden History