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By John Kinross
ISBN 9780747803706
Shire Books*
207 b&w
184 Pages
4.5 X 7


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Price $ 27.00 

The battlefields of Britain are a strangely neglected part of our national heritage. A few have visitor centres, and efforts have been made to explain what happened at the battle, bit most have no more than a monument, if that, to commemorate the valour of combatants and the lives lost there centuries ago. In this book the author describes sisty-nine battles that took place on English or Scottish soil. He sets each battle in its historical context, describes the action in relation to the landscape and gives a guide to the site as it is today. ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Kinross studied history at Exeter University. He is a Blue Badge Guide for the South West Region and was Honorary Secretary of the Taunton branch of the Historical Association.