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By David Gidmark
ISBN 9780852639405
Shire Books*
50 b&w
64 Pages
6 X 8.25


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The well made birchbark canoe, constructed of materials that by themselves possess no great strength, is an extremely durable water craft. Not only was it the most important conveyance for the northern Indians, serving them in hunting, fishing and travel, but it was adopted with little technical change by the white man for exploration in the northern latitudes. In this service it was the most important vehicle in the opening up of Canada. This book places the Algonquin tribe in its context, showing its importance to the early fur trade and to explorations. The gathering and preparation of materials for the canoe is covered, as is the construction process. About the author For nine years David Gidmark did field studies among the Rapid Lake Algonquin and the River Desert Algonquin in western Quebec. He made extensive notes on the birchbark canoe building processes of these two Algonquin bands, undertook an apprenticeship in birchbark canoe building and studied the Algonquin language. He has written and lectured on Algonquin birchbark canoe construction in Canada, Europe and the United States of America