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An Arab-Israeli universe.

By Greville Janner
ISBN 9781861052179
Robson Books*

162 Pages
6.25 X 9.5


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Price $ 26.00 

In this unique book,the author describes an exraordinary journey. To ease his sorrow on the death of his wife and to experience a completely different way of life, he travelled to Sakhnin, an Arab town in Northern Israel. Warmly welcomed into the heart of an Arab family, he immersed himself in their lives, their language and their customs. With his passionate belief in the need for understanding between the Jewish and Muslim peoples, Janner saw for himself that 'One hand alone cannot clap', and that mutual understanding and tolerance is crucial to a decent society. Combining the perception of the seasoned traveller in a new world with his warmth and faith in humanity, Janner vwrites of his stay in Sakhnin from a unique perspective. The result is a book that Shimon Peres described in his foreword as 'like an excellent novel'. It has a real and remarkable magic. 'This is no ordinary book. Like an excellent novel, it reveals that behind the thick veils of our lives lies the hope of magic.' - Shimon Peres 'A book which deals with a painful reality with wisdom, wit, humour and warmth. Very enjoyable.' - Amos Oz