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By Michael Gibson
ISBN 9780747804420
Shire Books*
60 color / 30 b&w
40 Pages
6 X 8.25


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This book is the story of English rose gardens and how they, the roses that grow in them and the way in which they are looked after have changed over the years. The concept of the garden devoted entirely to roses is throught of as essentially English, and greatly treasured as such, but it actually originated in France in the nineteenth century. However, the idea found its most enthusiastic following in England, at first in the gardens of the rich, but it gradually became more widespread. About the author An amateur but knowledgeable rose grower, Michael Gibson has been on the Council of the Royal National Rose Society since 1974 and was President for the years 1985-6. He is also Vice President of the Society's Historic Roses Group and edited their journal for eight years. Other titles for Shire by this author are: Lustreware