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By Beryl Bye
ISBN 9780718828110
Lutterworth Press*

144 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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An introduction to Bible reading and prayer, especially suitable for private devotion and family worship Beryl Bye prepared this book especially for those families who would like to share in daily worship but are short of time. Her introduction to Bible reading and prayer encourages the reader to discover the value of including a few Bible verses and a short prayer in daily life. Written for all groups, it is suitable for private devotion and family worship. Taken from The Good News Bible, the readings are accompanied by thoughts and prayers, designed to promote meditation and discussion. There are special sections for Easter and Christmas, and also graces for all occasions. About the Author Beryl Bye - wife, mother and writer - lives near Cheltenham. Based on her wide experience of family and parish life, she has written a number of books for adults and children, and enjoys broadcasting on radio.