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By Pamela Clabburn
ISBN 9780747804819
Shire Books*
b&w & color photos, b&w illus thruout
40 Pages
6 x 8.25


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Price $ 13.50 

Beadwork developed as a decorative craft in Europe in the middle ages. It was first used to enhance embroidery but in the seventeenth century complete objects were made from beads, and soon every girl was expected to include it among her accomplishments. This book describes and illustrates the many different styles and types of work and the techniques that were employed. In all its forms beadwork is a careful, skilful and often delicate art which is becoming increasingly appreciated. About the author Pamela Clabburn has been interested in embroidery since childhood. After the war she worked freelance as a lingère, dressmaker, embroideress and textile conservationist until she became Assistant Keeper of Social History at Strangers Hall Museum, Norwich, with special responsibility for textiles. She is author of The Needleworkers’ Dictionary and The National Trust Book of Furnishing Textiles. Other titles for Shire by this author are: Samplers Shawls