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By Beryl Bye
ISBN 9780718820190
Lutterworth Press*

128 Pages
5 X 7.5


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Price $ 8.00 

From the Gateway Books series - a series of interesting stories for the slightly older child, with some adventure and each with a Christian theme. It was Cathy who first noticed the faded name on the browband of Belle's bridle. She and her friends, Jane and Belinda, were worried by the pony's sudden inexplicable fits of terror, and wondered if the name could possibly be a clue to their cause. If they traced the pony's career back through all the previous owners, might they discover what frightened her so greatly, and by patient re-schooling teach her to overcome her fear? It was a summer of discoveries - for Jane in particular, faced with her own angry fits of jealousy, but for the others too, wondering how best to share some of the delight their ponies gave them, and for their friends - Mr. Styles struggling to run his stables single-handed, or Joy Wills wondering how to use the money her uncle had left her. "If the vision seems slow, wait for it," Joy read in her Bible, "It will surely come, it will not delay." And when at last the waiting was over, and the discoveries made, Jane said contentedly and truly, "It's really been a very satisfactory summer." That summer began with the finding of the name on Belle's bridle.