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By Michael Grater
ISBN 9780718827731
Lutterworth Press*
Full color throughout
32 Pages
6.5 X 8.75


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Price $ 20.00 

The story of Alf Gorilla is told here in picture-book form for younger children. Persecuted by Oily Sludge the wharf cat, the rats of the Battersea Gang release Alf from London Zoo to act as their minder. Illustrated by the author. Batty and his gang of rats need a Minder to protect them against their enemies - in particular, Oily Sludge the wharf cat. And so they kidnap a gorilla from the zoo and dress him up as a person. London goes on full alert looking for the lost gorilla, but Alf is becoming harder and harder to find as he becomes more and more human everyday. The story of Alf Gorilla, well-known hero of Alf Gorilla and Alf Gorilla Adrift, is told here in picture-book form. Ideal for young readers who will enjoy Alf's escapades and adventures in London, illustrated in bright, witty pictures packed with humour.