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History, badges and memorabilia

By Michael Passmore
ISBN 9780747805526
Shire Books*
Color thruout
40 Pages
6 X 8.25


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The AA has been present on Britainís roads for nearly a century. This book charts its rise and reflects the interest in collecting its memorabilia in the form of badges, books, models and signs, giving detailed dating information on car badges for the first time in the public domain. Collectors will also appreciate sections on memorabilia hitherto unknown by the general public. The illustrations are all from the AA archive or have been specially commissioned. About the author Michael Passmore is the former Archivist of the AA. He joined the Association in 1968 in the Membership Department, transferring in 1990 to the archive section, where he spent 10 years. During this time he gave talks to outside organisations, conducted tours of the then AA museum to staff and visitors and added many items to the AA collection.