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Jono's 346 ½ lbs top weight-loss tips

By Jono Coleman
ISBN 9781861057086
Robson Books*
b&w illus, tables thruout
134 Pages
4 X 5.5


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Price $ 7.50 

In 2002 the radio and TV presenter Jono Coleman, along with seven other ‘porky personalities’ tried to shed pounds for charity on the TV show Celebrity Fit Club. Starting off at virtually 22 stone, Jono won the show by losing five and a half stone over six months – and raised over £40,000 for charity. Here at last is his practical guide to losing weight – if it worked for Jono, it could now work for you. In a handy pocket-size format, this fun, inspirational and easy-to-read book offers common-sense weight-loss tips for men as well as women. There are sections on getting motivated and staying positive, changing your eating and drinking habits, doing a little more exercise than you do now, and keeping tabs on your weight loss through charts, graphs and daily log pages. There is also a useful guide to making lower-fat choices in a variety of restaurants, including Italian, Indian, French and Chinese. End your struggle with weight right here, right now – get it off with Jono! About the Author Born in London in 1956, Jono Coleman spent most of his life in Australia, where he began his career in presenting on the children’s TV show Wonder World!, before returning to England. Jono has appeared regularly on British and Australian radio and TV shows, including Radio 4, LBC, GMTV and Richard and Judy. He presented Virgin Brekkie (with Russ Williams), appeared on ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club, and currently co-presents the show Jono and Harriet at Breakfast, with Harriet Scott on Heart 106.2 FM. In spring 2004 he will be appearing in The Joys of Exercise on BBC2.