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It's never too late to secure your retirement. The expert guidance in this book will show you how.

By Anthony Vice
ISBN 9781857039429
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146 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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This up-to-date, relevant guide to dealing with the pension crisis explains new rules to come into force in 2005 and outlines seven effective ways to secure a more prosperous retirement. Advice is aimed at the 40-plus age group - so don't think it's ever too late to take steps that will really make a difference. The book explains how to; build up tax-free ISAs then switch them under the planned new rules into pension assets, bringing you safe yields of up to 15 percent; go into property, raise money from your home, buy a second home, set up a holiday let and become a landlord; build an investment portfolio, balancing cash, fixed interest and shares to spread risk and exploit growth prospects; use unit trusts to gain professional skills - and how to keep down the buying costs; arrange stakeholder pensions where each basic plan brings you a government subsidy of #16 a week; and buy into a roll-up fund if you plan to retire abroad or if you expect your tax rate to fall when you stop working.