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Shire Album #433

By Michael Symes
ISBN 9780747806042
Shire Books*
68 coloa, 16 b&w illustrtations
40 Pages
5.75 X 8.25


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Price $ 13.50 

How has magic as a present-day entertainment come about? This book surveys the history of magic from about 1800 and looks at some of the lively characters who have contributed to its development – performers who would often demonstrate not only miraculous feats of conjuring but also considerable powers of showmanship. The book also considers magical artefacts, in particular some antique pieces. Magical posters, delightful and evocative, suggest mystery and something special to behold in a show. There is also a look at the craftsmen who created the apparatus and the dealers who sold it. Finally there is a brief survey of magicians’ clubs and societies. No secrets are revealed, but plenty of intriguing material is included. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Symes has been interested in magic since childhood and has performed extensively since then. He also lectures and has created and written up many magical effects. He belongs to a number of germane organisations including The Magic Circle; he is a curator of their museum and an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. OTHER TITLES for Shire BY THIS AUTHOR Garden Sculpture The English Rococo Garden