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By Gordon Volke
ISBN 9781841611303
Ravette Publishing*
Color throughout
16 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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HI KIDS! Here's the second fun-packed BIG WORLD Sticker Story & Activity Book. It's full of exciting things to read and do - and takes you to meet new friends from all around the world. They are all just like you. Wherever children come from, they are always very small and the world is VERY BIG. HOW TO USE THE STICKER BOOK * There is a two-page sticker sheet in the middle of the book. Use the stickers to fill in the missing parts of the pages. It should be quite clear which sticker to use - but ask a grown-up if you are not sure. * When all the stickers are used up, if you wish, carefully pull out the used sticker sheet from the book and color in the two posters on the other side. Now you could put your finished poster up on your bedroom wall !