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A dynamic resource book for small business owners seeking to transform their companies

By Neil Bromage
ISBN 9781845281359
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223 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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Running a business is never easy. As the manager of a small business you have in one person to be an accountant, buyer, visionary, researcher, entrepreneur and salesperson. Here you'll find help and advice on building a better business. Any one of the 100 ideas and techniques packed into this invaluable resource book has the potential to make a critical difference to your company's results. Just reflecting and acting on one topic a week could transform its performance. The book is organised into six sections, each of which gives useful insights into just about every area of business management. In them, you'll find 100 bite-sized, inspiring and eminently action-able topics such as: raising your business profile with effective PR; getting better deals from suppliers; reducing your bad debts; effective marketing on a shoestring; selling techniques that really work; and creating a strong brand. CONTENTS: 100 ideas in 6 sections - 1. Making your business work 2. Managing yourself, managing others 3. Presenting and promoting yourself and your business 4. Sales and marketing 5. The internet and its implications 6. The nuts and bolts of running a business.