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Face up to financial reality and free yourself from money worries

By Tony Palmer
ISBN 9781845280338
How To Books*

136 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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Price $ 8.99 

Living with debt is an inevitable part of modern life. Just about everyone has debt in one form or another - a mortgage, an outstanding credit card balance, a car financing deal, a student loan - and many other types. So if we can't get rid of debt we need at least to learn how to handle it so that we can control it, before it controls us. In this book we look at a series of case studies and how people got into trouble with debt. They weren't stupid or irresponsible. Their problems arose because circumstances changed. Some changes could have been foreseen, others not - but they were things that could happen to anybody at any time - to you or me. This book will show you: How, if you take the right action at the right time, you can get matters straight. How to borrow in a way that will minimise the risk of getting into difficulties, and how to do it at the lowest cost. How, if the worst happens and you get into a complete financial mess, you can get out of it with the least long term damage. CONTENTS: 1. Janet and John - an everyday story of professional folk hit by rising interest rates and one or two other problems 2. Gary and Sue - how things might have got worse 3. Janet and John revisited - how they triumphed over adversity 4. Gwen the graduate - dicing with debt and how she escaped a fate worse than death 5. Borrowing for the dream home - how to get the mortgage that is right for you 6. Credit - dealing with banks and other dangerous predators 7. Don't panic if it all goes wrong 8. If you're in a hole stop digging and start to climb out 9. If the worst comes to the worst 10. How to live in peace and freedom