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Learn what rights you have as a writer

By Helen Shay
ISBN 9781857039917
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132 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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The law is of great significance to you as a writer. It can work to your advantage or to your disadvantage. It can help you or hinder you. The best way to ensure that you get the most out of the law is to have knowledge of it. With this book you will learn what rights you have as a writer and how to enjoy them, and what obligations you have and how to comply with them. You will discover how to avoid legal pitfalls and in the event that you find yourself in a legal entanglement, how to remedy the situation. Specifically, this book will show you: what copyright is and how the law protects you; how to preserve your copyright and avoid infringing that of others; what libel is and how it can affect you; how to avoid libellous writing and defend yourself from legal action should the need arise; what is required for a binding contract, and how to enter into and get out of one with your publisher; how to understand advances, royalties and rights; how to deal with your literary estate; and what other legal issues may arise and how to manage them. With the help of this book you will become confident in your knowledge of the law as it applies to you before, during and after publication. CONTENTS: 1. What use are your rights? 2. Using your copyright 3. Utilising material 4. Avoiding libel 5. Entering a contract 6. Getting out of a contract 7. Getting paid 8. Sorting out other problems 9. Appreciating legal aspects of self-publishing 10. Dealing with your literary estate