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By John Earl
ISBN 9780747806271
Shire Books*
Color photos/b&w line drawings throughout
64 Pages
6 X 8.5


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Price $ 18.00 

After decades of destruction, theatres are now recognised as significant architectural records of the societies that produced them and valuable cultural resources for the present day. This book outlines the history of theatres and music halls from the late sixteenth century to the present time, noting changing fashions in entertainment and evolving official attitudes to safety that have, at various times, influenced the architectural character of the buildings. Particular attention is given to the thirty-five years before the First World War, when music hall and variety entertainment developed rapidly, accompanied by a massive surge in theatre building. The account is enlivened with illustrations of the theatres, their architects and their audiences. This book was commissioned by The Theatres Trust and the author, John Earl, was Director of The Trust for ten years.