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How to prepare your first book for publication

By Marina Oliver
ISBN 9781845280918
How To Books*

191 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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Price $ 9.99 

'Everyone has a book in them' is a phrase we have all heard. It may be true, but it's the getting it out that matters. This book is designed to help you put your novel on the page in the way that will give you the best chance of selling it to a publisher. It's not easy. It can be hard work and often disappointing, and luck plays a critical part, but it is possible. With persistence, knowledge of the world of publishing and belief in yourself, you can succeed. The rewards - seeing your book on public display or in the hands of a reader - and the delight in achievement, make all the effort worthwhile. This book will show you the practical steps to be taken in order to reap those rewards. It deals specifically with: getting started; finding the right story; setting the scene; creating the right characters; working with other writers; submitting work; and getting to grips with the publishing process. CONTENTS: 1. Taking those first vital steps 2. Finding the right story 3. Creating the right characters 4. Getting ready to start 5. Looks and language 6. Setting the scene 7. The overall view 8. Submitting your work 9. Working with other writers 10. Being published