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Logical puzzles to test your reasoning powers and how to create them

By Gerald Jenkins
ISBN 9781899618736
Tarquin Publications
Line drawings throughout
40 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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With SUDOKU all the rage among readers and publishers worldwide - why another book? Author Gerald Jenkins' lifetime as a teacher and as a publisher has developed in him the experience and insight to create something unique. Key features of this book are: 1. Save teacher or puzzle-setter time through specifically prepared self-explanatory photocopiables 2. Succinct explanations provide information on the mathematics behind Sudoku puzzles - making them simple to explain 3. Templates and explanations are provided to enable teachers, and puzzle-setters in maths clubs and other groups, with all that is required to set your own Sudoku puzzles 4. Thirty-two photocopiable master puzzles of varying difficulty are provides, plus a blank for setting your own puzzles 5. Two further puzzles of greater difficulty are also provided