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Shire Egyptology

By Judith A Corbelli
ISBN 9780747806479
Shire Books*
Plans, line drawings, color & b/w photos throughou
80 Pages
6 X 8.25


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ABOUT THE BOOK Some of the most spectacular discoveries made in Egypt during the twentieth century were in the field of Graeco-Roman funerary archaeology the poignant mummy portraits and grave stelae, the extensive cemeteries of Alexandria and Marina el-Alamein, the magnificent Golden Mummies of Bahariya and this work brings together in one volume an introduction to all the categories of funerary art of the period. A wide range of material is presented - tomb decoration, stelae, sarcophagi, coffins, mummy cases, funerary masks, portraits and cinerary urns - in order to give the reader an overview of the various categories and their inter-relationship. A fine example of the impact made when three great artistic traditions collide and intermingle, the material plays an important role in the history of ancient art. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Judith Corbelli holds the degrees of BA (Hons) and MPhil of the University of Liverpool, where she read Ancient History, Classical and Egyptian Archaeology. She specialises in Graeco-Roman Egypt.