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By Jan Toms
ISBN 9780747806431
Shire Books*
Color photos throughout
88 Pages
6.25 X 8


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Price $ 21.00 

Memorials to animals are found all over the British Isles – to faithful companions, local heroes, renowned racehorses, military mascots, buried pets - and range from the famous terrier Greyfriars Bobby and the Duke of Wellington’s horse Copenhagen to the modest stones commemorating Giro, the dog of the pre-war German ambassador, in central London and ‘Goldie - God Bless our Bunny’ in a pet cemetery. Here is a county by county gazetteer to memorials and graves of animals that have enriched homes, saved lives, won bets, inspired poets, transported munitions, endured danger, achieved notoriety and captured hearts. It offers animal lovers everywhere the opportunity to search out a piece of history, a celebration of fame or a moment of loss. With colour illustrations throughout, this is an invaluable guide to a little-known aspect of Britain’s heritage. Jan Toms was born in the Isle of Wight and owned her first pet when she was three - a black cat named Blackie. Beginning her writing career as a historical novelist, she found herself obsessed by the research involved; this book has given full rein to that passion.