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How to find out what you're good at and what you enjoy - then get someone to pay you for it.

By Graham Green
ISBN 9781845282813
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190 Pages
6 X 9.25


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Price $ 9.99 

A successful career move involves matching your ideas, passions and goals to the needs of employers and vice versa. Full of practical examples of what goes and what doesn't in the world of work, this book explains what employers need and how you can best place yourself to deliver it. Whether you are looking for a new career or want to move to a different job, here you will find out: how to know yourself; identify what you have to sell; structure your job search; target your CV; network successfully; respond to advertisements; and conduct interviews and get the best out of agencies. Plenty of sample letters and CV's, exercises and useful addresses will ensure that your next career move is a move in the right direction. CONTENTS: 1. What do you really want to do? 2. Your main marketing tool 3. The best way - networking 4. The next best way 5. Helping others to help you 6. Meeting of minds 7. The negotiation game 8. In the new position Appendices Bibliography Useful addresses Index