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By John Humphreys
ISBN 9781873590065
Old House Books*
Color illustrations throughout
224 Pages
8.75 X 11.25


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This flexible sporting diary may be used for hunting, fishing, falconry as well as shooting and recognises that the peripheral events of the day in the field are always of more lasting interest than the size of the bag. We need to remember who shot well, how was the dog work and what about that amazing sunset as you downed that old cock bird with the last shot of the day? The columns are simplicity itself, covering the date, place, your companions and the bag and, on the facing page and most important of all, 'Remarks' wherein to record a terse two-liner or a page of perfect prose as fits the occasion. Colour illustrations and sporting quotations throughout. Conceived by John Humphreys. Illustrated by John Paley. Hardback 224 pages. Gold blocked title on dark green library style cover material, silk marker ribbon. 'In forty seasons I have walked 36,200 miles with a gun, very nearly one and a half times the circumference of the globe.' Lord Malmesbury 'Woods and fields lose half their interest without a gun - I like the power to shoot, even though I may not use it.' Richard Jeffries