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Cost effective ways of making the internet REALLY work for your business

By Jim Green
ISBN 9781845281595
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267 Pages
6 X 9.25


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For the small business owner, the internet is the most powerful and cost effective marketing device of the 21st century. This book shows you how to: take full advantage of the web and the extensive and inexpensive range of electronic marketing tools and techniques available; resources that could make the difference between building a viable business or shutting up shop; use tried and tested strategies designed exclusively for modern small business and embryonic start-ups - to add to your existing local sales potential or to reach a global market; and, implement practical ideas for reaching new customers and increasing sales. CONTENTS: 1. Using the internet for the purpose it was devised 2. Why even the most unlikely small enterprises can prosper online 3. Why the internet is tailor-made for small business 4. How to convert your local business into a global concern 5. The power of recognition as an expert in your niche 6. How to become famous online as a small business owner 7. Creating your plan of action for the internet 8. Why marketing online is fast, easy, stress-free 9. Why niche marketing works best for small business 10. Why your domain name must reflect your enterprise 11. Building a website tailored to your precise needs 12. Creating content rich pages to lure the 'spiders' 13. How to write sales copy that sizzles 14. Why power keywords are germane to successful promotion 15. How to avoid search engine positioning mistakes 16. Snaring the 'spiders' to generate top ten rankings on demand 17. Creating site maps to feed the spiders 18. Flooding your site with low and no-cost traffic 19. Converting your expertise into digital produce 20. Using the amazing authority of zero cost articles to lure visitors 21. The power of linking to other websites 22. The changing face of email marketing 23. Why you must create your own newsletter 24. The influence of list building in attracting prospects 25. Create your own blog and send business messages 26. What RSS is and what it can do for you 27. Let google Adsense add to your oline income 28. Converting prospects into customers 29. How to set up an online payment system 30. Giving stuff away for free to attract visitors 31. Test marketing your online activities 32. How to analyse virtual footfall to improve your website 33. Servicing your customers online 34. What online marketing cannot do for you 35. Channelling your online fame into offline activity 36. Getting it all together to grow your small business rapidly Glossary Useful reading Resources Virtual bookmarks Index.