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The complete, thorough, hands-on guide to the whole recruitment and selection process

By Andy Gibb
ISBN 9781845281823
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230 Pages
6 X 9.25


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Price $ 10.99 

Choosing your career, changing your job, and getting selected by the organization that's right for you are amongst the most important decisions of your life. You need detailed practical advice - on career choice; on what organizations look for in the people they recruit; and on tips and techniques to get you through the stages of their selection process. These include presenting a cv, undergoing interviews, taking assessment tests, negotiating salaries and working with head hunters. All are covered in this book. Organizations are increasingly using sophisticated selection techniques, so this book is important if you are not to lose out to someone less talented but better prepared. CONTENTS: 1. Why this book will enable you to do better at interview and selection 2. What do you really want to do? 3. Exercises to help you decide the career that's right for you 4. How to find out what organisations look for 5. Advertisements 6. Cultural influences - are all organisations the same? 7. Make the most of your resume 8. Covering letters and applying to less well known organisation 9. Online applications - how to apply effectively in the least time 10. Interviews 11. Psychometric tests 12. Dinner and other informal events 13. Final stage selection and assessment centres 14. Other selection methods 15. Offers and feedback 16. Alternatives to applying direct 17. Staying motivated 18. Head-hunters (executive search) Appendices Acknowledgements Index.