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Up-to-date information and advice for international students in the UK

By Kris Rao
ISBN 9781845280451
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230 Pages
6 X 9.25


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Offers information and advice for international students in the UK. Every year more than 270,000 students from all around the world come to study in the UK - and the number is growing by 10 per cent a year. At present, most students coming to the UK have to rely on information from their friends, and brief leaflets and booklets supplied by universities. This indispensable guide tells students all they need to know about Britain's higher education system: the application process, funding, immigration controls, health service, accommodation, study methods and employment opportunities, as well as university life, British customs and habits, and lots of other information on day to day living in the UK. AUTHOR BIOG: Kris Rao is an official provider of services to meet student welfare needs at Reading University and has assisted the University in defining and running an international student support strategy. He has produced a range of informational leaflets and booklets for the international students who study there. CONTENTS: 1. Introduction 2. British Higher Education 3. Immigration 4. Health 5. Employment 6. Accommodation 7. Money/Funding 8. Life at the University 9. British customs and habits 10. General details about Britain.