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The story of Paul Torisi, finalist in series 1 of BBC TV's hugely popular 'The Apprentice',

By Paul Torisi
ISBN 9781905862184
Spring Hill Books*

198 Pages
6 X 9.25


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Price $ 10.99 

Finalist in series 1 of BBC TV's hugely popular "The Apprentice", Paul Torrisi tells the story of how he built the property business that made him too successful for Sir Alan Sugar. Up to the time that I entered "The Apprentice" I had spent 14 years in property. While my friends were out enjoying themselves, I had mortgages hanging round my neck and tenants to deal with. Would I have had it any other way? Absolutely. But I made my bed, and while dealing with drug dealers, hard prison offenders and worst of all, accountants, it dawned on me that this was my new life, and still is.'In this book Paul Torrisi gives a chronological account of his life in property from his very first purchase, to the present day. He started in the world of property acquisition and letting when he was just 20 years old, concentrating on buying to let 10 years before the term was even coined. Without the help of the property books and television programmes that abound today he had to feel his own way for much of his journey, stumbling upon problems as he found them. But he got through it and through his own inspirational story he seeks to impart some of the lessons and wisdom he learned along the way'. REVIEWS: "I like you Paul, but you're too successful for me, you've got your own business and it's doing well. Wild horses couldn't drag me away to work for someone else." Sir Alan Sugar, The Apprentice Series 1" AUTHOR BIOG: Since The Apprentice Paul Torrisi has presented his own UKTV show Property Prophets and co-presented Homes Live for BBC1 - in which he helps would-be developers navigate various property minefields in their quest to make a profit. Paul also writes on property and travel for The Daily Mail with pieces as varied as Britain's North-South divide to honeymooning in Las Vegas. CONTENTS: Introduction 1. Getting Started 2. What have I done? 3. Getting on with it 4. The competition 5. The business of business 6. A bit of luck 7. Politics 8. Exasperated landlords 9. Taking stock, having a moan, and moving on 10. Found it 11. London (she'll make you or she'll break you) 12. Running London 13. Realising some capital 14. Overseas property 15. The Bahamas 16. Emerging markets 17. Over and out