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Now, and forever

By Dr Harry Alder
ISBN 9781845282233
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149 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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This is a revised and updated 2nd edition. It presents a proven, scientific programme for stopping smoking permanently. It's guaranteed effective intervention through simple techniques. Change the whole way you look at your habit and beat it once and for all. With the right knowledge and know-how anyone can give up smoking for good, with less stress and discomfort than many smokers have already experienced in previous failed attempts. Read the book through before making the final break. REVIEWS: "The information in this book gives priceless knowledge to the smoker who genuinely wants to be rid of this terrible is the missing link in the area of smoking cessation..." DR CHRIS HARDY, CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN - RESPIRATORY MEDICINE, MANCHESTER ROYAL INFIRMARY" AUTHOR BIOG: Author, Psychologist and practising Therapist Dr Karl Morris uses neuro-linguistic programming and self hypnosis to produce systems of change. He has applied the methods set out in this book with consistent success in his thriving private practice. He is based in Warrington, UK. Author Dr Harry Alder is an expert on the mind and human behaviour and has written numerous books and given many seminars on the subject. He lives in Wallasey, the Wirral, UK. Technical contributor Dr Dev Shah, registered pharmacist and consultant homoeopath, has been in prescribing and dispensing smoking cessation products for many years. CONTENTS: 1. Stop smoking technology 2. Habits and addiction 3. Giving up 4. Popular pretexts 5. Understanding yourself 6. Programming your mind 7. Making a permanent break Index.