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A great investment for all excited or anxious owners of a puppy

By Angela Fitch
ISBN 9781845282875
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156 Pages
6 X 9.25


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This easy-to-use guide is a complete course in raising a puppy into a happy, well-adjusted and obedient adult dog that is a pleasure to live with.In a comprehensive and accessible format, it provides a simple plan to follow, with helpful troubleshooting sections for owners looking for a solution to problems they are already experiencing! It is suitable for both new and existing puppy owners, who are looking for help and advice on puppy training and behaviour. It explains what to expect, what is normal, what isn't, and what to do about it! The first section gives owners an understanding of puppy related issues, with practical advice on: Bringing a puppy home Correct feeding and healthcare Quick and effective housetraining; Dealing with attention seeking behaviour such as barking and jumping up; Controlling biting andchewing; Interpreting body language; Benefiting from pack hierarchy. The second section will help owners get started with basic training, including: Sit! Down! Walking on the lead; Recall; Leave! Stay! Playtime and Tricks AUTHOR BIOG: Angela Fitch has been working with dogs for 10 years. She runs a busy dog training school, providing training and behaviour solutions for both puppies and adult dogs. Angela is passionate about promoting education for owners in understanding, raising and living with dogs. She lives in Kent with her husband, two young sons and their Chocolate Labrador, Max. CONTENTS: Introduction Part 1 - The Basics 1. Bringing your new puppy home 2. Housetraining 3. Barking, whining and attention seeking 4. Biting, chewing and jumping 5. Pack hierarchy Part 2 - Training 6. Walking on a lead 7. Sit, down and stand 8. Recall 9. Leave and stay 10. Playtime and tricks Index.