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How making a few simple changes can significantly reduce your outgoings and gain extra income

By Anthony Vice
ISBN 9781845282394
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202 Pages
5.0 X 7.75


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Did you know that:- One out of every three people who have a mortgage may be paying too much interest.- More than 5 million people are reckoned to be paying the wrong amount of tax.- Over 6 million people may be paying too much insurance, often because they buy the wrong type of policy.- More than half a million pension savers are estimated to be missing out on tax relief.The chances are that you are one of these people. If so you need thisbook. In it Anthony Vice outlines simple but effective ways to make you better off. They don't involve any drastic changes to your lifestyle - just some painless alterations in procedure that will significantly reduce your outgoings - so that you keep more of your income to save or spend on the things you really want. Anthony's advice is for all age groups - and the sooner you start the more you'll save. AUTHOR BIOG: Anthony Vice was executive director of a City merchant bank for 20 years. He joined the boards of a number of companies, keeping particular interest in asset protection and financial management, on which he has written a number of books and articles. CONTENTS: 1. The First Way - Manage you Bank Account 2. The Second Way - Re-mortgage 3. The Third Way - Sort Out Your Credit Cards 4. The Fourth Way - Keep your Tax Bill down 5. And New Rules for CGT and IHT. 6. The Fifth Way - Invest with Care 7. The Sixth Way - Think outside Box 8. The Seventh Way - Save on Pensions 9. And Paying for Uni - Plus other Family Bills Glossary Index.