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How to turn you hobby or interest into a business

By Paul Power
ISBN 9781845283018
How To Books*

240 Pages
6.75 X 9.75


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This book will show you how to turn your passion and enthusiasm into a viable commercial opportunity. It is packed full of practical, down-to-earth advice based on the author's own, and other successful entrepreneurs', experience. You'll discover how other people have started successful businesses with nothing else than a great idea, self-belief, and determination. Discover how you can easily: - Research your ideas. - Start your own business at home, from little or nothing. - Get funding for your new business. - Overcome your fears and sell anything to anyone. - Market your business on a shoestring. - Create your own successful niche business in a world dominated by multi-retailers. Paul Power's own successful philosophy is that if your ultimate dream is to run a global franchised network from home but all you can afford is a second hand laptop, then start with the laptop and work your way up. As the entrepreneurs featured in this book will testify, that's how many of today's successful businesses started. REVIEWS: "'I read this book from cover to cover on holiday. As soon as I finished it, I was already planning to read it again, and note some of the useful information, tips and web addresses in this brilliant book.' Amazon reader" AUTHOR BIOG: Paul Power author and entrepreneur, has written three books including the best selling Starting Your Own Gardening Business. He runs a number of successful, niche businesses including The Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop. CONTENTS: Preface 1. So You Want to Start Your Own Business? 2. Great Business Ideas Start at Home 3. What's involved in Starting Your Business 4. Research - The Doorway to Success 5. Sales - The Beating Heart of Your Business 6. The Essentials of Shoestring Marketing 7. Deciding Where to Sell From 8. Your Business on the World Wide Web 9. Traditional Retailing 10. The Mechanics of Starting Your Business 11. Ten Great Businesses You Can Run from Home Index