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A practical guide to keeping poultry in a town or city

By Paul Peacock
ISBN 9781905862276
Spring Hill Books*
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163 Pages


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Thousands of backyard poultry keepers are signing up all over the country, experiencing afresh the joys of their first hen, their first egg, their happy chuckle in the morning garden. Keeping poultry in the city brings with it not only joys but responsibilities. "The Urban Hen" is the perfect companion for the city poultry keeper and shows you how to maintain a happy, healthy garden or backyard flock in towns and cities everywhere. In this book you'll discover how to: find the best poultry for the small garden - and how to house them properly; feed your birds, tune in to their daily needs and enjoy your own eggs; avoid annoying the neighbours by showing that it is possible to keep poultry without attracting unwelcome pests; recognise healthy happy birds and learn their daily routine; recognise poorly hens; treat them or get help; and, incubate and care for fertilised eggs and raise chicks. REVIEWS: 'The "Urban Hen" takes you step by step through everything you will ever need to know about keeping hens. We thoroughly recommend this book to any one thinking about keeping chickens. It highlights the difficulties and the advantages in very clear terms. And if you decide to keep chickens then this book has everything you need to feed and care for them.' AUTHOR BIOG: Paul Peacock is Editor of Home Farmer Magazine and has written extensively for the gardening press. Educated at Leeds and Manchester universities, he is author of many books on gardening and self-sufficiency and advises on gardening and cookery on internet channels. CONTENTS: 1. New to Chickens 2. Anatomy of the Chicken 3. Breeds 4. Feeding Your Chickens 5. Poultry Care 6. Chicken Diseases 7. Chicks - Making Your Own 8. The Egg 9. Getting Help