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By Robert Angell
ISBN 9781845282998
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193 Pages
6 X 9.25


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New edition of this well established & respected source for students of film & TV production and media studies courses...a must for all media studies students.A" REVIEWS: This is an excellent publication - includes some real nuggets of information. The userfriendly print and layout ensure that even small items of advice or information are unlikely to be overlooked.A" - Newscheck The book will make an added contribution over and above the factual information about the real nature of working in the audio-visual industry. Highly recommended.A" - ScriptWriter A no-nonsense sensible handbook...a veritable treasure chest of practical information. - Empire A really useful guide to working in the media...A" Daily Telegraph AUTHOR BIOG: ROBERT ANGELL had many years' experience as a film and television producer. He was chairman of the BAFTA Short Film Award Jury for 14 years and continues to lecture on careers on, or behind, the large and small screens. CONTENTS: List of illustrations Foreward by Lord Puttnam CBE Preface to the ninth edition 1. Introduction 2. Feature films 3. Commercials 4. Documentries 5. Animation 6. Television 7. Training for film and television 8. Selling yourself to film and television Appendix of further information Training and working overseas Glossary Index.