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By George Colerick
ISBN 9780952496434

181 Pages
5 X 7.75


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Specialised books on musical humor are rare, and this one is an incisive addition, concentrating mainly on the theatre. It analyses live performances and researches unusual source material., especially of the great comic opera and burlesque. The cult of musical farces and the social background are observed where the auhtor's sense of humor is clearly at home, invoking memorable periods and styles in Paris, London, Vienna and Berlin. Elements of burlesque and parody might be found anywhere in present-day entertainment, but not often with original use of fine music. George Colerick has sought out important exceptions: notably the cult movie 'Cabaret', about 1930's Berlin; an Oscar Wilde send-up by Ken Russell; and a sophisticated Sondheim parody-musical. Quotes: "- amusing and authoritative." - Ned Sherrin. " - gives persuasive reasons for what we lack today, the staging of many quality musicals which create laughter. Without becoming too technical, the author shows how composers of intinsically funny music achieve their effects. An informative, diverting book for layman and musician alike." - Vilem Tausky, CBE