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By George Colerick
ISBN 9780952496465

203 Pages
5 X 7.75


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Living in West london and often visiting other capitals, George Colerick has experienced an exciting range of music composed during the peak of Romanticism which still has a big influence in the 21st century. Volume One covers themes from the elevated to the popular or comical - great melodies such as heard on TV that steadily increase opera's appeal - and traces the the brilliance and variety of styles over a century's progress. Lighter musicals are much valued, as described from Leicester Square to the Berlin Wall. What makes for a song with permanent, world-wide appeal? Book One analyses the nature of some of these. It is a personal statement, Euro-oriented and enhanced by the author's understanding of the Continent's social history. There are intriguing chapters about Central Europe, from Transylvania to Helsinki, and Vienna's grand era is celebrated. British music is also well represented and there is a diverting account of an 1846 Promenade Concert. Following the introduction is a 10,000 word re-evaluation of Bernard Shaw's lesser know success - his two decades as London's most provocative music critic. ROMANTICISM AND MELODY Volume Two's 39 chapters on fresh topics, complementary, follow more closely mainstream developments, notably in the symphony and symphonic poem. The new introduction has a varied perspective and uses different illustrations. Comments by distinguished critics from the recent past are included and four US composers each have a chapter. Helpful terms are defined or clarified, often in added notes. From Schubert and Liszt, to Mahler and Bernstein, 150+ composers and their works are referred to. Rhythm gets deserved attention, and the styles and social significance of dance in Romanticism have three chapters.