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By Carol Anne Strange
ISBN 9781845283568
How To Books*

230 Pages
6.75 X 9.75


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This definitive guide to establishing a profitable online business includes business ideas, case studies, suggestions for creating a visible web presence, tips for gaining and maintaining customers, and everything else you need to know to set up and run a lucrative venture online. It will also help those established businesses looking to use the internet to expand their ventures. - Discover opportunities to generate income online - Establish a web venture that pays - Create a reliable and appealing virtual shop window - Protect your venture from scams and legal issues - Gain and maintain loyal customers worldwide - Optimise your web venture for growth - Generate more profit from affiliate schemes and other prospects Anyone looking to generate some extra income through their computer will benefit from this book. Only basic computer and internet skills are needed. REVIEWS: "'If you're looking to start your own Internet business, then this is the book to read! It provides first-hand guidance on making cash online... gives you the techniques, the contacts, and the knowledge to setup your own online business - quickly and easily. If you only read one book about making money on the Web - make it this one!' 'The style is very much "how to" and makes what can be a complex topic highly accessible. It offers excellent and authoritative starting points for further research. Undoubtedly it offers great value for money." Phoenix" AUTHOR BIOG: Carol Anne Strange is a writer and creative consultant with a PGC in Digital Entrepreneurship. She has used the internet extensively over the years for research, promotion and income generation. She has established several profitable websites, including a writers' jobs board at CONTENTS: Acknowledgements About the author Preface Foreword 1. Discover the profitable Internet 2. Finding and preparing to start an online business 3. Creating your website 4. Preparing to go online 5. Understanding your online obligations 6. Launchin your business online 7. Finding your customers 8. Building customer loyalty 9. Staying ahead 10. Preparing for growth 11. Make more profit online Resources Index.