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A programme for personal and professional growth - in just a few minutes a day

By David Lawrence Preston
ISBN 9781845283834
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234 Pages
6 X 9.25


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Price $ 10.99 

Life coaches aim to support and encourage their clients in their personal and professional growth by helping them to identify and achieve their goals. Good coaches don't give advice, but help the client to find the answer for themselves. But they are expensive. With this book, you can transform your life with no financial outlay other than the cover price. Using the author's eight steps to success you'll learn how to: - Choose your goals - Use the power of your mind - Build desirable personal qualities into yourself - Evaluate your current situation - Consider your options - Take action in order to succeed - Monitor your progress - Plug into the power of persi AUTHOR BIOG: 'I believe the best coach for you is you, and I aim to give free rein to that person. This book will show you exactly what you need to do to turn yourself into your own life coach. In it you'll find priceless ideas, exercises and skills to learn from and apply.' David Lawrence Preston is a hypnotherapist and personal development trainer who has frequently appeared on radio and television. Over the last 20 years he has developed the Dynamic Living Programme, which draws on practical psychological techniques and the sum of all his considerable experience with clients. He is also the author of 365 Steps to Self-confidence. CONTENTS: Welcome to 365 ways to be your own life coach How to be Your Own Life Coach - An Overview Step One - Clear Intentions - Choosing Your Goals Step Two - Using the Awesome Power of Your Mind Step Three - Building Desirable Personal Qualities into Yourself Step Four - Evaluating Your Current Situation Step Five - Considering the Options Step Six - Action - What You Must do to Succeed Step Seven - Monitoring Your Progress Step Eight - Plugging into the Power of Persistence The Art of Relating Communication Skills Assertiveness Happiness - The Point of it all Appendix References and Further Reading.