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A practical cross-cultural guide to working in the arab world

By Dr Jehad Al-Omari
ISBN 9781845282004
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204 Pages
5.25 X 8.5


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Understanding the Arab Culture is a thoroughly practical crosscultural guide to working with Arab cultures, written with theWesterner in mind.The book focuses more on the key differences than similarities, issues that Westerners will find puzzling, unusual or difficult to cope with. It is based on years of experience of lecturing to Westerners and a long list of frequently asked questions. It addresses Western perceptions and misconceptions of Arabs, Islam and the Arab world as well as some key Arab perceptions of the West. Many practical tips are given on a variety of issues, from exchanging appropriate gifts to negotiating techniques. REVIEWS: "'An essential guide to understanding what makes Arabs tick and how to develop successful business relationships in this challenging culture.' Jeff Toms, Farnham Castle International Briefing & Conference Centre 'This book aims to give guidelines and practical tips, to inform and also raise necessary questions, to build bridges and demolish barriers, and finally, to clarify a few misconceptions about the Arabs, their culture and their attitudes.' Dr Al-Omari" AUTHOR BIOG: Dr Jehad Al-Omari, a highly experienced Cross-cultural Management Consultant, has been training Western executives in Arab affairs and cross-cultural issues since 1986. A regular lecturer and speaker with international institutions such as Farnham Castle, Cranfield School of Management and the Netherlands Institute of MBA studies, he also holds consultancy posts with numerous multinational firms operating in the Arab World. Dr Al-Omari runs training programmes in Europe and the Arab World and is engaged in a number of expatriation and repatriation studies in the Middle East. CONTENTS: Preface About the author Acknowledgements Introduction 1. A cross-cultural Perspective 2. Ten cross-cultural realities 3. The Arab culture in a generic context 4. The business pyramid 5. An Arab perspective 6. First encounters with Arabs 7. Values and attitudes 8. Experiencing Arabia 9. Islam - away of life 10. Doing business Epilogue Recommended reading Index.