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How to make your own delicious cakes, cookies, pastries and breads

By Diana Peacock
ISBN 9781905862429
Spring Hill Books*
Photos throughout
218 Pages
6.75 X 8.25


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Price $ 12.99 

From pastries to cakes, bread to biscuits, this book shows you how easy it is to do your own baking. In a world filled with preservatives and additives, home baking provides you with one of the healthiest, tastiest and cheapest ways of giving you and your family a treat. The mouth watering recipes in this book cover the basics - such as wholesome bread, delicious cakes and tray bakes (some with as little as three ingredients) - as well as a range of special treats for celebrations. As well as a vast recipe section, Diana includes in-depth techniques for perfectly risen cakes, the softest loaves and the crispest shortbread (as well as many more) that will ensure your tins are packed with goodies all year round. When home baking is this easy and tasty, why buy ready made? REVIEWS: 'Includes in-depth techniques for perfectly risen cakes.' Best of British Magazine. AUTHOR BIOG: Diana Peacock has over thirty years experience of feeding a family of five on a tight budget. She and her husband Paul edit the Home Farmer magazine and practise self-sufficiency in Manchester. She has also cooked with children in schools, and is the author of two other books on home baking. Diana is also the author of Good Home Cooking and co-author with Paul of The Seasonal Cookbook, both available from Spring Hill. CONTENTS: Introduction 1. Baking Basics 2. Simple Cakes and Sponges 3. Fruit and Nut Cake 4. Chocolate Cakes 5. Muffins 6. Tray Bakes 7. Biscuits 8. Special Occasion Cakes 9. Sweet and Savoury Cakes 10. Meringues 11. Baking Bread 12. Sweet and Tea Breads 13. Making Pastry 14. Using Pastry Index.