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How to be confident and asertive in the workplace

By Suzanne Potts
ISBN 9781845284213
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207 Pages
6 X 9.25


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This book will restore your self esteem and help you to command the respect to which you're entitled at work. It will provide you with practical tools that you can put into use immediately, enabling you to: - Be valued for who you are - Ask for what you're entitled to - Say 'no' when you have a right to do so - Have your opinions & ideas respected and heard - Stand up for yourself - Handle difficult situations calmly and successfully REVIEWS: 'Working with Conrad was very stimulating because he offers sound practical advice that people can relate to and adopt.' Gloria Hunniford Here is just some of the feedback from the hundreds of people who have benefited from Suzanne and Conrad's work: 'For the first time in my life I'm able to say 'No' - I've never done this before, it's wonderful to feel in control at last and I'm also becoming much better at managing my time.' 'I'm not afraid of saying what I think anymore and the amazing thing is I'm getting more respect.' 'I can now be firm and fair as opposed to either being too aggressive or just giving in.' 'I turned our next meeting with a very demanding client into one where we won a huge tender.' AUTHOR BIOG: SUZANNE POTTS is a motivational speaker, management trainer and an expert in assertiveness, who has delivered assertiveness around the world for over twenty years. CONRAD POTTS is a psychologist, consultant and management trainer, who is particularly well known for his one to one coaching at senior level and for helping to build world class teams. Conrad and Suzanne run Teamskills, a network of management and leadership consultants dedicated to excellence in the development of leadership and team skills.They have 60 years combined experience in training organisations and their staff to be assertive. For more information about Suzanne and Conrad visit CONTENTS: Introduction PART 1 - THE TOOLBOX 1. Behavioural flexibility 2.What is assertion? 3. Our verbal behaviour 4. Non-verbal behaviour 5.Visualisation 6. Self-talk 7. Rights and personal permission 8. Beliefs 9. Win -Win outcomes 10. Saying noA" 11. Meeting behaviours PART 2 - WORK SITUATIONS 12. Handling aggression 13. Productive appraisals 14. Managing your boss 15. Co-operative colleagues 16. Healthy customer relations 17. Fair disciplinary interviews 18. Successful job interviews 19. Contributing to meetings 20. Asking for a pay rise 21. Presentations to be proud of 22. Assertive selling 23. Handling senior managers 24. Managing your staff 25. Reliable suppliers 26. Working with volunteers 27. Further help needed? Index.