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By Becky Alexander
ISBN 9781845284176
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184 Pages
5 X 7.75


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If you would like to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with friends and family, but are looking for an alternative to a traditional christening, this is the book for you. Civil weddings have been popular for a long time, but you can now have a Civil Naming ceremony for your child, held either at your local registry office, or at any venue of your choice. As there is no legal requirement, you can hold the party at home, in your garden, or at any venue you like. You can host the event yourselves, or ask a registered celebrant to host the event. This book contains lots of ideas to make your civil naming ceremony memorable and unique to your family. There are ideas for poems, readings, music, themes, and special ideas for how to mark the occasion. Everyone can get involved; grandparents, siblings, and specially nominated adults who can act as guardians. There are readings suitable for all. This book includes: - How to plan the naming party and ceremony - Ideas for indoors and outdoors decor, plus simple decorations - Providing entertainment and fun for children and adults - 10 special event ideas for the day, such as star naming, planting a tree and filling a time capsule - Traditional and contemporary ideas for readings and poems with new, specifically commissioned poems that are particularly relevant to this special occasion - Ideas and recipes for delicious food and drink REVIEWS: '...comes packed with ideas. I felt very inspired by this book.' 'I loved the way everything is included in this book.' Member review AUTHOR BIOG: Becky Alexander is mother to Isabel (7) and Polly (3). She lives in St Albans, where she is the food columnist for the local newspaper, and judge at the recent food and drinks awards. She has written recipes for a book on toddler food. CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Introduction 1 A new trend What is a naming ceremony? What are your options? Making everyone feel welcome Welcoming a stepchild or adopted child The question of godparents Chapter 2 Planning the event When to hold the naming ceremony Choosing a time for the ceremony Feature - Brunch party Choosing a venue Holding the ceremony at home Feature - Beach party Holding the ceremony outside Holding the ceremony at a register office Holding the ceremony somewhere different Ideas for decorations Feature - Afternoon tea party Choosing music Entertainment for children Planning food and drink Baby naming cake Feature - Winter party Making a toast Gifts and thank yous Chapter 3 The ceremony Designing your own ceremony Leading the ceremony yourself Asking someone you know to lead the ceremony The welcome Introduction First reading Announcing the name Parents' promises Godparents'/sponsors' promises Second reading Music and singing Special ways to mark the day Ending the ceremony What happens at a register office Chapter 4 Special ways to mark and remember the day Doing something special A best wishes book Singing together Making the ceremony personal Handprint art Balloon release Sky lanterns Photographs, DVDs and videos Flowers Planting during the ceremony Planting trees Candle lighting Fill a time capsule Sponsor a child Name a star Give your child the moon Adopt an animal Birthstones Chapter 5 Poems and readings Selecting poems Poems for adults to read Poems for children to read Poems with a religious theme Readings Chapter 6 Choosing a name for your baby Most popular boys' names in England and Wales Most popular girls' names in England and Wales