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The moving memoirs of rescue dogs and their second lives - in poetry and prose

By Angela Patmore
ISBN 9781905862580
Spring Hill Books*
Color photos and b&w illustrations throughout
186 Pages
5.25 X 8.25


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Price $ 9.99 

Foreword by Joanna Lumley. Inside this book are the portraits and true stories of discarded dogs that were not afraid to love again. These wonderful characters, fifty out of over 100,000 dogs a year that are unwanted and abandoned by their owners in this dog-loving nation, have sad stories of abuse, neglect and dereliction to tell. Often rescue dogs have been thrown out by owners who could no longer afford them, or who found them inconvenient or naughty, or who simply could not be bothered with them any more. Many have just seven miserable days behind bars before they are put to permanent sleep by council-appointed agencies. Unwanted dogs are desperate. They yelp and whine and cry out for someone to love and save them. These lucky fifty have emerged triumphant and wagging, often against apparently insurmountable odds, to make their new owners very happy. The rescue charities are at crisis point. They need kind people to come forward and give these dogs a chance. Rescuing a dog can change not only the dog's life but yours, if you are willing to give it a try. This book explains how. It also tells you everything you need to know about finding the right dog at a shelter near you, and getting him or her used to you and your home. There are lots of other books about dogs. This one is about the ultimately lucky ones that were in dire need of help and love, and who got both. DOGGEREL is being sold in aid of the Association of Dogs' and Cats' Homes, which embraces many of the UK's animal charities large and small. Right now they need your help. REVIEWS: 'A lovely production and the stories are quite enchanting and often sad, but so true to real life.' Clarissa Baldwin OBE; Chairman, Association of Dogs and Cats Homes. 'A beautiful unique book (just perfect for every dog lover). The book is full of funny squibs, as well as literary gems, the last of which, No Name, is very moving. The second half is an excellent guide to adopting a dog, as well as essential dog training and care.' Daily Mail. 'If you are a dog lover - please buy this book.' 'Includes a valuable and immensly practical section on how to care for a rescue dog. If you love dogs and particularly rescue dogs then this book thoroughly deserves a place in your collection. It would also make a perfect gift for a dog-loved friend.' AUTHOR BIOG: Angela Patmore is a Fullbright Scholar in English and author of a number of successful books. She was one of the organisers of the hugely successful Scruffts, the National Mongrel show now run by the RSPCA. CONTENTS: Acknowledgements Foreword by Joanne Lumley Part One - THE POEMS Part Two - ADOPTING A DOG 1. I Want an Unwanted Dog 2. Where to Find One 3. Practicalities 4. Be Prepared 5. Home from Home - Training 6. What You Will need 7. The First Day 8. Obdience 9. Behaviour Beyond Bearing 10. Dogs Most Abandoned List of dogs with their owners.