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A practical guide for all students who want to know how to learn

By Dr Catherine Dawson
ISBN 9781845284459
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180 Pages
6 X 9.25


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Successful study is dependent on effective study skills. Yet many students are never taught how to study, and many are anxious about their ability to develop the necessary skills required to complete their course. All students can learn how to study. It is not a skill reserved for the select few. With a little information, guidance and advice all students can discover how to study and improve the marks on their course. This book is aimed at all students who wish to improve their study skills at almost every level, including college and university students, adult learners, and students on correspondence and distance learning courses. It provides a user-friendly, practical guide to study skills, including information on: - preparing for, taking and passing examinations - how to read for study efficiently and effectively - how to hypothesise, theorise, critique and analyse - improving your mathematical and scientific skills - completing projects and assignments - how to get the most out of lectures, tutorials, classes and seminars - time management, organising yourself and building motivation - ways you can improve your marks Quotations, case studies, exercises and useful tips are also included, along with information about study skills websites, software and online tools. AUTHOR BIOG: For over twenty-five years, Dr Catherine Dawson has been a researcher specialising in educational research, and a tutor working with college and university students. She has written extensively for both academic journals and popular magazines and is passionate about providing information to help students succeed on their courses. CONTENTS: CONTENTS 1. Developing your learning skills 2. Learning to be organised 3. Enhancing your reading skills 4. Improving your English language skills 5. Enhancing your writing skills 6. Taking effective notes 7. Improving your listening skills 8. Developing your thinking skills 9. Studying independently 10. Improving your scientific skills 11. Improving your mathematical skills 12. Using information technology 13. Using e-learning technologies 14. Getting the most out of lectures, seminars, tutorials and classes 15. Working in groups 16. Undertaking projects 17. Conducting social research 18. Writing a long report or dissertation 19. Passing examinations 20. Passing tests 21. Improving your presentation skills 22. Increasing your chances of success Appendices Study skills tips Study skills support Study skills software Study skills websites Study skills books.