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Confidence for when you really need it

By Sean Brickell
ISBN 9781845284572
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204 Pages
6 X 9.25


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THIS BOOK CONTAINS SOME POWERFUL, PRACTICAL, CONFIDENCE TECHNIQUES THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR WORK AND LIFE WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Do you want...- MORE SOCIAL CONFIDENCE to make you more popular? - MORE EMOTIONAL CONFIDENCE to make you more attractive? - MORE CONFIDENCE AT WORK so you get paid more & promoted? - CONFIDENCE TO ENJOY more adventure and excitement in your life? - CONFIDENCE TO GRAB more life-changing opportunities? If the answer to any of these is 'Yes', then the highly practical and realistic Don't Shoot - I'm Not Well! will give you the skills and the mindset you need. The techniques in the book will help you deal with rude, bitchy & patronising people; ask women or men out; gain sexual confidence; deal with a critical partner or parent; network effectively; cope with setbacks; and more. They are explained by someone who's used them successfully: when held at gunpoint; in a war zone; during undercover work; when making a profitable difference at major public corporations; and in many other random situations. Learning these techniques will energise and empower you, and you will enjoy the colourful, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, witty and highly effective way the book sets about teaching them to you. The book also includes case studies of real people who have used them to transform their lives. REVIEWS: A great read...both educational and entertaining, it is colourful, thoughtprovoking, encouraging, down-to-earth and practical and will make you feel you can improve your confidence.A" Sir Ranulph Fiennes AUTHOR BIOG: Author Sean Brickell is an entrepreneur who works around the world speaking to and coaching CEOs, managers and their staff, for clients such as Vodafone, Clifford Chance, Royal Mail and easyJet. Sean, who is an NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, is also an award winning journalist and broadcaster, having been a network TV newsreader and undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers. CONTENTS: Introduction Part One THE REALITY OF OUR CONFIDENCE 1. The core of confidence 2. What confidence can achieve 3. What affects our confidence 4. Overconfidence Part Two CONFIDENCE FOR LIFE 5. Confidence for work-life situations Job interview First day at a new office Office parties and work social get-togethers Pitching to potential and existing clients Difficult colleagues Lecherous colleagues Redundancy Asking for a pay rise or promotion Networking Dating work colleagues Getting dumped by a colleague after an intimate encounter Dealing with alpha males Breaking bad news to a colleague Your job image Starting your own business 6. Confidence for non-work life situations Talking to people you don't know Going to a party on your own Asking someone out Dealing with rude, bitchy and patronising people Dealing with critical partners and family members Feeling good naked Sexual confidence Physical confidence Being held at gunpoint Coping with setbacks Making significant life changes 7. Sustaining confidence Getting Sean Brickell to work with you References Index.