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Tips and advice

By John Cook
ISBN 9781907906015
Greatest Guides
160 Pages
6.5 X 8


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Golf tips and advice to help you * develop a great swing and drive with the confidence of the top players * achieve short, mid and long iron shot success even from the most testing of lies * pitch and chip your approach shots to within an inch of a hole *cope with the trials and tribulations of the bunker like the great Gary Player *develop that perfect putting stroke to secure that match-winning birdie Everyone who plays golf longs to improve their game. This book, written by renowned PGA coach, John Cook, is packed with great tips to help you do just that. His fabulous tips and tricks are from a lifetime of playing and coaching, making the book fun and informative. From solving the slice to perfecting the putt, this delightful addition to the golf bag has it all!