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By Wendy Green
ISBN 9781907906008
Greatest Guides

160 Pages
6.5 X 8


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Slimming & healthy living tips and advice to help you: + Discover why you overeat and harness the power of your subconscious mind to help you lose weight + Eat less, by changing your relationship with food + Learn which everyday foods, drinks, herbs and spices, can boost health, or assist weight loss + Improve your fitness, without going anywhere near a gym! + De-stress and sleep more soundly If you want to lose weight, or simply become fitter and healthier, but don't have the time, willpower, or money, to indulge in strict or expensive diet, health, or exercise regimes, then this book is for you! Packed with tips based on the latest scientific research and proven techniques, it reveals how small behavioral, dietary and lifestyle changes can result in big improvements in your shape, health and fitness.